Health and safety

Safety is a core value and a priority. Rio Tinto - La Granja has committed to the implementation of an HSE Integrated Management System.  This system has been designed following the continuous improvement principles (Plan, Do, Check & Act cycle).  With this in mind, we are implementing a series of tools and procedures, among which are:

1. Incident reports (available in Spansh only)

2. Job Hazard analysis (available in Spanish only)

3. Health, safety & environment planned general inspection (available in Spanish only)

4. Interaction (available in Spanish only)

5. Take five (available in Spanish only)

Our Health and Safety Culture

At La Granja, we are building a culture of demonstrated felt safety leadership. This applies to all employees, including contractors, at all levels of the business.

We place uncompromising emphasis on hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk management.  We measure assurance through operational, corporate, and external auditing and reporting processes.

A healthy workforce is vital to business success.  We are committed to preventing cases of occupational illness.  Our target is to achieve a significant reduction in these cases  through continuous identification, evaluation, and control of workplace exposures.