Environmental participatory groups

As it is to our neighbouring communities, water is also life to Rio Tinto-La Granja. Water management is a core part of our project. We are fully committed to minimizing the amount of water we use, to re-using it whenever we can, and to returning it in a state as similar as possible to its original condition.


At the end of 2007 we had completed three rounds of water quality monitoring programmes at La Granja, La Pampa, La Iraca, Paraguay and El Sauce.

As a result of these initial programmes, the communities established two Environmental Committees to carry out monitoring in the following areas:

  1. La Granja, La Pampa, La Iraca, and El Sauce
  2. Paraguay and adjacent villages

For as long as Rio Tinto is present in the area, we will continue with the periodic review of the analyses of water quality, with the participation of the communities.

La Granja's Environmental Committees

Objectives of the committees

The primary purpose of the Committees is to serve as the link between the community and the company to optimize cooperation on environmental issues.

In addition, they have the following objectives:

  • To work with the communities to identify environmental concerns with regards to the company's activities.
  • To share environmental knowledge acquired by means of the participative monitoring and monthly work sessions.
  • To communicate the results of water quality monitoring.
  • To participate in social and environmental baseline studies.
  • To acquire technical training in the procedures for monitoring water quality, as well as other aspects of the environment.

The committees' activities:

  • Monitoring water quality.
  • Participating in baseline studies.
  • Managing solid waste at the community level.
  • Promoting environmental education.
  • Organizing workshops on environmental matters.

Water monitoring training

We also hold regular community workshops to demonstrate water quality monitoring techniques.