Rio Tinto, through its subsidiary Simfer S.A., launches the stakeholder engagement consultation process for the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA), in relation to the Simandou Project.

Rio Tinto has commissioned the international consultancy Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to carry out an independent SEIA which will serve to guide the construction, operation and ensure that we responsibly manage our operations in the long term. The SEIA process provides a systematic framework within which the key environmental and socio-economic impacts of the project can be examined.

Objectives of the SEIA

The purpose of the SEIA is to identify potential impacts the Project may have on the communities and natural environment. Once all of the impacts are identified, the final design of the Project can be tailored to maximise the beneficial impacts and to minimise or mitigate the adverse ones.

Consultation on the SEIA Terms of Reference

Following submission to the Government of Guinea, the draft Terms of Reference for the SEIA was posted on the Rio Tinto Simandou website on September 19th 2011. This document provides an introduction to the Project and describes the types of impacts which we consider need to be investigated in the SEIA.  It covers the main project components plus some urgent works for which we will be submitting early SEIAs. The draft Terms of Reference is available here and we would welcome your comments on our plans for the SEIA.  
The Terms of Reference have also been submitted to government for consideration and once their comments have been received these will be considered, together with any feedback from other stakeholders, in finalising the scope of the SEIA.

If you have any comments we would be pleased to receive them as soon as possible and at the latest before 24 October 2011. Please contact us by email or fill in and mail us a Feedback Form (click here for a copy)  (for mailing address see below).

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Understanding the views and hearing the suggestions of people and organisations who might be affected by the Simandou Project, or who have an interest in it, are an important part of our planning. Creation of this website and publication of the draft Terms of Reference are the first steps in our programme for engaging with our stakeholders.  There will be other activities taking place over the months to come and these are all detailed in our Stakeholder Engagement Plan.  If you have any comments or suggestions on this Plan please contact us by email or mail (for address see below).

Stakeholder Conferences

As part of the process of SEIA, and to help with finalising the Terms of Reference, we are holding a series of Stakeholder Conferences across Guinea.  This starts with a National Conference in Conakry on September 19th 2011 which is by invitation only, but there will be ten open meetings which any interested persons may attend on:

• 22 September in Forécariah Centre (Forécariah prefecture)
• 4 October  in Kindia centre (Kindia prefecture) and Tokonou (Kankan prefecture)
• 5 October in Albadaria (Kissidougou prefecture)
• 6 October in Douako (Kouroussa prefecture)
• 11 October in Faranah Centre (Faranah prefecture) and Kérouané Centre (Kérouané prefecture)
• 13 October in Macenta Centre (Macenta prefecture) and
• 18 October in Beyla Centre (Beyla prefecture).

Details of these meetings will be publicised locally or you can email us for details (click here)

To contact us

Email to:

Write to us at:    Rio Tinto SIMFER SA
Immeuble Kankan - Cité Chemin de fer,
BP 848 - Conakry,
République de Guinée

Write to our SEIA Consultants at:  ERM
Exchequer Court
33 St. Mary Axe
London EC3A 8AA
United Kingdom

Leave a message at one of Info-Shops in:  Beyla and Kérouané