Stakeholder consultation process schedule

On 19 September 2011, a national workshop will be held in Conakry with national and international stakeholders in order to launch the stakeholder engagement consultation process.
After the Conakry workshop, a series of public workshops are set to begin in the project relevant Prefectures during the months of September and October as follows:

Prefecture Town Date
Forecariah Forecariah Centre Thursday 22 September 2011
Kindia Kindia Centre Tuesday 4 October 2011
Mamou Mamou Centre Thursday 29 September 2011
Faranah Daranah Centre Tuesday 27 September 2011
Kouroussa Douako Thursday 6 October 2011
Kankan Tokonou Tuesday 4 October 2011
Kissidougou Albadaria Wednesday 5 October 2011
Kerouane Keoruane Centre Tuesday 11 October 2011
Macenta Macenta Centre Thursday 29 September 2011
Beyla Beyla Centre Tuesday 27 September 2011

As the Project will require access to land, water and geological resources, another key element of the Simandou Project is the Resettlement and Compensation Action Plan (PARC) (Plan d'Action de Reinstallation et de Compensation). In order to access these resources, the Project will develop a resettlement and compensation programme which will be in line with Guinean regulations and the IFC Performance Standards (PS5).