Basic needs are unmet

Due to their isolated geographic location, far from the coast, the rural communities in our area of influence are no different than many similar communities throughout the country. The poverty levels are explained by the lack of sufficient and adequate basic services, such as: potable water, electricity, sewage and drainage, early childhood education, and quality primary and secondary education, among other things.

The weak presence of the State saps the morale of the poor rural population.

Building blocks for the relationship with the communities:


  • Presentation of the company: The establishment of the terms of the relationship between Rio Tinto-La Granja and the local communities was one of our first achievements. This involved clarifying, in practical terms, the significance of Rio Tinto-La Granja in the area.
  • Managing expectations: Initially Rio Tinto-La Granja was viewed as a source of income and handouts. We are constantly striving to build our reputation as a facilitator, stressing that our primary commitment is to contribute to the sustainable development of neighbouring communities.

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